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Installation and carefully selected finishing treatments

Your specialist for complicated assembly work, a perfect finish, lettering as well as cleaning and packaging on request in the clean room.

Downstream processes make the difference

Formed parts, assemblies and systems call for specific criteria when it comes to functionality, appearance, touch and cleanliness. These properties are influenced considerably by installation and special finishing treatments. Our experience and wide array of additional techniques support us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible results.

Installation & functional checks

When it comes to installing your assemblies and systems, we draw on our flexible and versatile infrastructure and our team of qualified staff.

Our installation services include the injection of bearings or threaded bushings, pins or points as well as adhesive and welded bonding. If required, installation takes place in an ISO class 7 cleanroom.

You select which functional tests are required and we perform and document them with the utmost care.

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Tempering / Heat Treatment / Conditioning

Products that are at the limit of what is technically feasible call for the effective fine-tuning of plastic processing properties. To achieve this, we use tempering furnaces and conditioning systems combined with the ideal process parameters. Certain metal parts such as surgical instruments require additional hardening.

Surface treatment

To ensure your products have the perfect finish, we apply a wide array of techniques:

  • Polishing processes,
  • blasting using a range of different media like glass beads, dry ice and CO2 snow
  • pickling / anodizing
  • as well as frictional grinding.


If your products have to be labelled, for example for verifiability purposes, we have a range of laser marking machines and engraving systems available depending on your material.

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You can choose from a range of treatments, from industrial cleaning to ultrasound cleaning techniques all the way through to validated cleaning in an ISO class 7 or 8 cleanroom.