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[Translate to English:] Hydraulik Komponenten, Ventile, Verteiler

Fluid technology

High-precision machined hydraulic components and pneumatic parts including system checks ensuring maximum reliability of your products and systems.

Plastics for fluid technology

Your hydraulic products and systems are critical to the processes in applications involving liquids or gases. Typical components include valves, manifolds, seals and pumps that call for the maximum possible standards to ensure reliability. These standards include:

  • Application of chemical-resistant, high-performance plastics
  • Compliance with the strictest tolerances
  • Exceptional surface quality
  • Free from any lint or burring

You can choose from a comprehensive range of semi-finished plastic products which will satisfy your individual needs and requirements.

A selection of cutting-edge production equipment is available for manufacturing high-precision, machined finished components and assemblies. As a result, we are able to produce complex parts with outstanding dimensional reliability in line with the strictest tolerance standards and best possible surface quality. Functional checks and leak tests are performed in-house.

Manifolds for High Purity systems

In the production of semi-conductors and photovoltaic cells, solutions known as High Purity systems help to ensure that the final products are completely clean. Even the smallest amount of contamination could lead to malfunctions and waste. The manifolds used must have an outstanding surface quality and are made from special fluoroplastics.

[Translate to English:] Kunststoff Verteilerblock, Ventilblock

Valves for natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations

Complex type-turned parts with exceptionally strict tolerances are made from the high-performance PEEK polymers for natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations. Holes and sealing surfaces are checked for absolute perfection at 200x magnification. This is the only way to guarantee full functionality without any leaks.

[Translate to English:] Anschlussblock aus PEEK