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Maximum availability &
individual logistics solutions

We deliver your semi-finished and finished parts right on schedule.

Availability & logistics: Your reliable plastics supplier

For efficient value creation chains, the availability of semi-finished products, finished parts or assemblies is of utmost importance. We are happy to advise you on the range of logistics solutions so that you can achieve the service level required.

Semi-finished products: on-schedule delivery

You can choose from over 140 different materials and 3,000+ sizes of panels, rods and hollow rods, all available at short notice. The inventory in our plastics warehouse is carefully managed at all times.

We run warehouses in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. We are also in direct contact with the world’s largest semi-finished part producers. As a result, we can make sure we meet all of your requirements as quickly as possible and deliver them on time.

Orders of materials kept in stock are normally dispatched by post (up to 30 kg and a max. length of up to 2 metres) or HGV within one working day. Alternatively, you can pick up semi-finished products straight from our warehouse.

We can receive orders over the phone, by email, fax or online.

Finished products & assemblies

Your finished parts or assemblies are produced to order. We offer the following options when it comes to availability:

  • Suppliers’ consignment warehouse on site with immediate availability
  • Contract or framework agreement with defined call-off quantities for ex-warehouse delivery
  • Standard delivery times for individual orders according to your needs

Packing: Safety, security and cleanliness

Safe and secure transportation of your orders is part and parcel of our service. We are also happy to meet your specific packaging needs and labelling requirements. We also offer low-germ packaging (bags, blister packaging, etc.) to cleanroom standard (ISO class 7 and 8).