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Since 1961 with passion for you in the plastics and metal industry

BBC Cellpack Technology is a traditional company with extensive expertise in the application and processing of plastic and metal. We supply our customers around the world with plastic semi-finished products, finished parts and assemblies.

Our history: decades of passion for plastics and metal processing

The story begins with the Dreifuss brothers, who started producing woven straw in Villmergen, Switzerland, in 1854.

In the middle of the global financial crisis, Cellpack AG Wohlen is established in 1935 with a production line in cellophane packaging.

Production lines for electrical insulators (1947) and fibreglass (1958) were added later. Hat braiding production is eventually brought to an end (1953).

When the company launches a Swiss type turning division in 1961, it also launches plastics processing as a further production line.

The processing of technical plastics is now one of the BBC Group’s core activities.


1982  Acquisition of a new building in Villmergen industrial park

1991  New organisational structure is established as a corporate group

1998  Repositioning on the market and modernisation of the machine pool

1999 Introduction of an ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environmental management system

2000  Development of a teaching centre and prototype workshop

2005  Introduction of an ISO 13485 quality management system for the medical sector

2006  Development of a second production site in the Czech Republic

2012  Development of a delivery centre in Germany

2017  Launch of ISO 9100 management system for the aerospace sector &

2018  Acquisition of Safrima AG - New location in Worben for metal production in medical technology

2019  Integration of Cellpack Medical AG

2019  From BBC Cellpack Plastics and Cellpack Medical AG become BBC Cellpack Technology 

Our quality- and environment policy

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