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Fertig montierte Baugruppe, Schläuche, Schrauben, gefräster Anschlussblock aus Kunststoff.

Custom-made solutions for assemblies right through to the final product

Combination of production expertise, a network of qualified suppliers and flexible installation options.

Assemblies & final products

Your assembly is produced in line with your requirements, right through to the final product. We draw on our expertise in materials and production techniques to produce key components here in house. We procure our standard parts, purchased parts made using other manufacturing techniques and parts treated with external finishing processes from our network of qualified suppliers.

We carry out many finishing steps internally. Laser marking, blasting, vibratory grinding and marking belong to the standards. And on request, we offer final cleaning and packaging in accordance with our customers' cleanliness specifications for subsequent transfer to the next processing stage.

In order to efficiently develop a custom-made solution just for you, we apply our experience in project management to coordinate all activities through to successful industrialisation.

Baugruppe mit gefrästem Kunststoff-Formteil, Einsatzbüchsen und Zahnstange aus Metall

Your advantages? Our expertise!

  • In-house production of components with machining processes
  • Procurement of standard parts, components and purchased parts that require other manufacturing techniques
  • Mounting & functional assessments of assemblies and final products according to customer-specific requirements.
  • Project management and coordination through to successful industrialisation
Baugruppe aus gedrehtem Kunststoff-Formteil mit metallischer Spitze sowie elektrischem Anschlusskabel.