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[Translate to English:] Verteiler, Kompenten, Trägermodule, Probenhalter, Antriebskomponenten

Analytics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Robust, high-precision plastics, processed for maximum availability and process reliability in your systems.

Plastics for analytics, chemicals and the pharmaceutical industry

Your products and their components are subjected to high loads when it comes to temperatures and chemicals. They call for materials that can withstand extreme ambient conditions.

For your individual needs and requirements, you can choose from a wide array of semi-finished plastic products featuring the following properties:

  • Maximum resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis
  • Suitable for cleaning and sterilisation with hot steam
  • High dimensional stability under mechanical and thermal loads
  • Exceptionally resistant to wear

A selection of cutting-edge production equipment is available for manufacturing high-precision, machine-finished components and assemblies made from plastic and metal. As a result, we are able to produce complex parts with outstanding dimensional reliability in line with the strictest tolerance standards.

Whether they are being used in lab equipment, liquid handling, or automation technology, by sensor equipment manufacturers or measuring equipment producers, or in HPLC or ion analysis: our semi-finished products, individual components and assemblies are guaranteed to withstand high levels of usage over long periods.

Specimen holders

Specimen holders made from PVC, PE-UHMW, POM-C, PETP and PEEK are used for an array of applications in the field of analytics. With laser engraving, coloured designs or printed designs as required.

[Translate to English:] Probenhalter aus POM präzise bearbeitet, beschriftet und markiert


High-precision manifolds made from PEEK, POM-C and highly transparent PMMA are used for highly sensitive analysis equipment, such as online water quality measurements.

[Translate to English:] Manifolds aus PMMA präzise bearbeitet und poliert

Mounting module for automatic blood analysis

Demand for blood analysis has risen sharply and so too has demand for automatic solutions.

Working together with one of our customers, we developed a mounting module that intelligently combines the steps for preparing the sample through to measurement and analysis. As a result, a wide range of analyses can now be performed automatically and with maximum precision. Not only does this provide genuine results on a permanent basis, but it also saves time and resources as less work is required.


[Translate to English:] Trägermodul aus Kunststoff und Metallteilen, beschriftet und markiert