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High-precision machined components ensuring maximum availability and productivity of your products and solutions.

Plastics for automation

Your products and solutions increase productivity and make an important contribution to quality assurance. A high level of availability is extremely important in this process. All components have to function reliably even when subjected to intensive use over long periods. Furthermore, making sure key components are made out of light-weight materials allows for swift movements and better efficiency.

You can choose from a comprehensive range of semi-finished plastic products which will satisfy your individual needs and requirements.

Your products are exceptionally precise, which means strict tolerances and perfect surfaces are key requirements for the individual components.

A selection of cutting-edge production equipment is available for manufacturing high-precision, machined finished components and assemblies made from plastic and metal – even for robotic products. As a result, we are able to produce complex parts with outstanding dimensional reliability in line with the strictest tolerance standards.

Circuit board testing

Elements known as articulated arms are used for the fully automated testing of circuit boards on an assembly line. These components are made from PEEK and come in a range of sizes. These arms are lightweight and, as a result, can be operated at an exceptionally high cycle speed. Built-in hinges, which are both exceptionally thin and incredibly precise, lead to a service life of at least 20 million cycles.

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