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Start of apprenticeship

We are pleased to welcome new apprentices to our company again this summer. The training of our future skilled workers has a high priority in our company. We currently have a total of 12 prospective polymechanics or production...mehr


Machine park expansion

Just arrived and soon in operation. With our new fully automated 5-axis milling centre, we have expanded our machinery in the metal cell, so that we will be able to produce even more precise metal parts in the best quality for...mehr


Cleanroom services

BBC Cellpack Technology has expanded its range of cleanroom services to include mixing and filling, including the corresponding process validations. Helmut Herre will be happy to advise you on all our cleanroom...mehr


Týdenní testy Covid-19

Společnost Cellpack AG ve Villmergenu je součástí pilotní skupiny "Programu opakovaného testování" (kanton Aargau) a aktivně přispívá k boji proti pandemii týdenními testy Covid-19.mehr


With innovation into the future - waterjet cutting

We are very pleased to inform you about our latest technology: We have expanded our machinery with a waterjet cutting machine, which allows us to cut parts with maximum precision and minimum waste. Have we aroused your...mehr


BBC Cellpack Technology

BBC Cellpack Plastics becomes BBC Cellpack Technologymehr